About Rosemary

From the depths of the soul comes the creative force. I began creating my own quilted masterpieces a few years ago after realizing my love for sewing is much deeper than that of any other craft. With this realization my interest in the field sparked a designing flame within.

Today, I create my own custom ordered quilts. I offer quilting services to others who have their own creations, but no way of finalizing them. I also offer quilting lessons where the student is able to go through the entire process, from beginning to end, designing, sewing, and finishing their own quilted treasure.

My love of sewing began when I was very young. I would see my Grandmother doing embroidery and I was interested, so she taught me how to embroider. In my teenage years, I learned to sew with the help of my Mother. I have always loved sewing and working with my hands. It has always felt natural to me. While my children were young, I continued using my sewing skills, making their Halloween costumes and helping them with their projects during their school years. I continued to dabble in quilt making. Now with my family all grown up, I have become very dedicated and passionate about this area of sewing and creating.

Never did I imagine at the time my Mother and Grandmother imparted their knowledge of embroidery and sewing as a child that this would lead to such a love of sewing as an adult. I have them to thank so much for this wonderful gift that they have given to me, not to forget my Father who has imparted his wonderful sense of humor to me, so that I can laugh at the mistakes and help carry me through the frustrations that come when you just want to finish that project, and you are too tired to quit and end up sewing your shirt to your project…LOL!!!

For more information on ordering or learning to quilt, contact rose via phone at 518.225.9873 or via email at: quilts@EthericCreations.com. You can also order your own custom quilt online by clicking here.
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